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Kim Fleming – Artist interview…

on February 28, 2012

This morning we are joined by Hopscotch artist Kim Fleming.

Welcome Kim and thanks for joining us today.


JB: What inspired your Hopscotch artwork?

KF:I went through several playground sketches for Hopscotch before this one came

about. I wanted to depict the uneasiness that sometimes arises in the playground – how it can actually be a difficult place for many children. I think this simple composition with the girl’s feet giving the feeling of shyness and nervousness speaks to that.


JB:Do you have a favorite medium to use in your artwork?

KF:Almost all of my artwork is done using watercolours, coloured pencil and

collage. I also sometimes throw in some acrylics for good measure too.


JB: You used collage in your piece, could you tell us a bit about that


KF: Collage is a process I really enjoy. I love the rhythm and patterning effects it

can add to a piece, and I will often plan an entire illustration’s palette around collage paper I

want to use. Generally I do the base watercolour painting first, and then place the collaged paper on top. I either tear it or cut it for different effects. Once stuck down (with archival glue), and dry, I sometimes draw or paint on top of it to integrate it into the painting.


JB: Thanks for that insight.  It is a great effect. What books did you love to read as a child?

KF:I loved Richard Scarry books, and also remember Maurice Sendak’s “Chicken Soup

with Rice” early on. After that I got into comics for a while, and later adored Judy Blume.


JB:Tell us a bit about your process of producing a piece.

KF:The first step in producing an illustration is unearthing the right composition.

I do many many tiny sketches that are basic shapes – sometimes just scribbles that no one else could possibly make sense of! Once I’m happy with the overall composition I’ll draw it larger and with more detail. Then I will transfer it to watercolour paper using my light box, and start painting! I use watercolours for background washes and basic colour, and then add detail and shading using coloured pencil. Collage is added at the end. The last step is scanning the painting into my computer and sometimes a few touch ups in Photoshop.


JB:It sounds like a very involved process, with each step taking considerable care and time. 

Do you have a site that readers can visit?

KF: Yes, I have a portfolio website at http://www.kimflemingillustration.com

and a blog which is updated regularly at http://lil-kim.blogspot.com


JB: Thank you Kim it has been such a pleasure interviewing you.



7 responses to “Kim Fleming – Artist interview…

  1. lil kim says:

    Thanks so much for the opportunity to chat and be featured in Hopscotch! I hope many kids enjoy the colouring-in version of my hopscotch illustration.


  2. Kaye Baillie says:

    Thanks Donna and Kim. It was really interesting to read a bit about Kim’s processes.

    • Good Morning Kaye,
      Thanks for visiting us today. I too, find it interesting how artists begin with a black canvas and create such wonderful pieces through careful planninng, time and care, along the way.
      I hope you vist again soon.

  3. lil kim says:

    Thanks Kaye and Donna!

    I just heard about Hot Chocolate so I’ll be sure to consider a submission for that too.


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